Avena Vital Care

<h1>Soothing moisturizing day cream</h1>

Soothing moisturizing day cream

Light, perfectly moisturizing day cream, with specially selected formula. Soothes sensitive skin irritations caused by the influence of harmful external factors, especially UV radiation and irritating detergents. Actively and deeply moisturizes, thus reducing water loss. Reduces redness, softens and smoothens. Tested under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of people with sensitive skin.

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<p style=Calming, nourishing night cream

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Calming, nourishing night cream

Intensely nourishing night cream. Soothes and calms irritation caused by harmful external factors. Actively and deeply moisturizes the skin with visible signs of dehydration and moisture loss. The rich composition of nutrients significantly improves skin condition, especially tired and dehydrated or requiring regeneration. Reduces redness and moisturizes, softens and smoothens the epidermis.

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<h1>Calming serum for sensitive skin</h1>

Calming serum for sensitive skin

The serum calms and reduces skin irritation and red skin already after the first use. It strengthens the protective barrier. Works like an emollient as it provides the skin with lipids. Reduces signs of fatigue and stress, restores a feeling of comfort. Strongly enhances the effect of Avena Vital Care series of creams, improves the skin condition. Tones and moisturizes, softens and smoothens.

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<h1>Delicate cleansing face washing gel for sensitive skin</h1>

Delicate cleansing face washing gel for sensitive skin

The face washing gel effectively and gently cleanses and refreshes your face and neck. Not irritating but well tolerated by the skin, preserves the natural water-lipid barrier. An excellent moisturizer, does not make your skin tense and tight. Lathers well, does not irritate your eyes. The cleansed skin is well prepared to absorb active substances contained in Avena Vital Care series.

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<p>Relaxing soothing mask for sensitive skin</p>

Relaxing soothing mask for sensitive skin

Soothes irritated and reddened skin. Restores the natural protective barrier of the epidermis, restores the water and lipid balance. Ensures a feeling of comfort and relax. The rich composition of nutrients improves the condition of tired and dry skin. Regenerates, reduces redness, tones and moisturizes dehydrated skin. Softens and smoothens.

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<h1>Eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles</h1>

Eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles

Exceptional, well-composed trio for the treatment of under-eye skin: extract from brown algae, hand-picked in the area of the Gulf of Maine, beta-glucan from ecologically clean oats, cornflower extract, a plant valued for centuries for its soothing properties.

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