Our cosmetics

Vis Plantis cosmetics combine the benefits of natural ingredients with the achievements of modern technology. They contain up to 99% ingredients of natural origin. Thanks to this, we can offer high-quality products that will help you maintain healthy skin and beautiful hair. Unique formulations of our cosmetics, composed with rich substances contained in plants, enable everyone to find something for themselves.

In our cosmetics, we mainly use plants extracts. Our inspiration is Polish herbs and grains, because we know that it is worth using not only in the kitchen.

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In response to the needs of different types of skin and hair, we have created a variety of cosmetic lines that take advantage of the power of nature. Herbal cosmetics such as lotions, shampoos, creams and scrubs make everyday care a pleasure. Vis Plantis cosmetics, entirely created and produced in Poland, will take care of your face, body and hair, providing them with a wealth of precious nutrients coming from nature. Our products contain herbs such as, horsetail, fenugreek and black cumin. They do not contain undesirable and controversial ingredients.

This is the amount of ingredients of natural origin in our face cream with snail slime filtrate.

undesirable and controversial ingredients.

We are constantly working to make Vis Plantis cosmetics cater for a variety of skin types. Sensitive or problem skin requires proper care. Our cosmetics will provide relief and regeneration thanks to the appropriate combination of high-quality ingredients. Our herbal cosmetics contain specially selected plant extracts, whose beneficial properties have been confirmed by scientific research. In addition, we offer many products with snail slime filtrate and a specialized series for atopic and problem skin with birch tar.

The wellbeing of all living creatures is close to our heart, which is why our cosmetics are not tested on animals.