of plants

Vis Plantis – from Latin means ‘’the power of plants’’. We believe that it is in the plants that the power is hidden, thanks to which we can preserve health and beauty for longer. What is simple and natural serves us best.

is dressed in simplicity

Sometimes less means more. Everything you need to feel a self-confident woman is within your reach. In our cosmetics we have used extracts of herbs and grains, because we know that it is worth taking advantage of their beneficial effects not only in the kitchen. We are constantly looking for new inspirations and we combine them with modern technologies. The effectiveness of our cosmetics is warranted by years of experience, scientifically proven solutions, commitment, reliability and integrity, which are at the heart of all our business operations. We are convinced that it is not the high price of the product that is the determinant of quality, but more the effect and opinions of our customers.


In our offer you will find products for daily face, body and hair care. Let yourself be surprised by the combinations: fenugreek with black turnip and horsetail, black cumin, cotton and flax or pumpkin seed oil, wheat germ and oat. We have made every effort to best describe the cosmetics and adapt them to your needs. On packaging we inform you about the content of natural ingredients, because it is in them where the strength of our brand lies. Simply speaking, we suggest how to use our products in the best way and also indicate the effects of a regular use.


Vis Plantis cosmetics can also be classified as dermo-cosmetics. We created them to help fight skin problems. Our cosmetic line with birch tar extract is intended for people with dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. We have also created a line for people struggling with dry and sensitive skin, as well as with atopic dermatitis.


Vis Plantis brand comprises a line of _Element cosmetics. The most important in these products is the high content of active ingredients, which ensures advanced care. In this line you will find a wide range of products with snail secretion filtrate, viper venom analogue, cress sprout extract and extract from basil hairy roots.